Escape from punishment(此题数据较水,请尝试求出更复杂的解,需要用到微积分哦)

发布时间: 2017年6月19日 00:24   时间限制: 1000ms   内存限制: 64M

Shitou did something wrong again, his father got really angry this time. Shitou now hide himself on a small boat in the center of the lake. There's no food on the boat and he's unable to swim with his broken arm. Oh, his dad found him, Shitou has to find a way to escape from being punished.

The lake is almost a circle of radius R, Shitou is exactly in the center of the circle. The speed of the boat is v1, while his father's speed is v2.One thing important to mention is that once Shitou get to the edge of the lake without being reached by his father, he has a great chance to hide somewhere else. At any time, they both can go in any direction, but his father can just run on the ground. Pleace, tell poor Shitou whether he can escape from being punished or not. (pi=3.1415926)

There will be several test cases. For each test case, there is one line of input containing R, v1, v2.

For each test case, output a line "Yes" or "No".

100 10 20
100 10 50